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Commercial Heating

Ferroli is one of the largest and most successful commercial heating manufacturers in the world. The range of commercial and industrial appliances covers wall hung and floor standing steel and cast iron designs, condensing, atmospheric, pressure gas units, gas and oil models, with outputs ranging from 18kW to 19.5MW.

From the company’s ultra-modern factories in Europe, Ferroli produces a range of appliances for a vast variety of market demands, from simple heating systems to sophisticated installations for district heating and serving production plants. By using only the most skilled technicians, advanced design systems and very high quality materials and accessories, Ferroli is able to provide customers with appliances that achieve optimum energy efficiency and fuel cost-savings without compromising on performance.

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View the Ferroli Commercial and Industrial Heating product range below
Ferroli Commercial Range Brochure
Ferroli Industrial Range Brochure

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