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Ferroli collaborates with the Magic Thermodynamic Box Company

Ferroli collaborates with the Magic Thermodynamic Box CompanyFerroli is pleased to announce that they have entered into a collaboration with the Magic Thermodynamic Box Company (MTB Co) to offer the Ferroli T-One range of boilers with MTB Co’s Central Heating Management System (CHMS).

The relationship started when members of the Research and Development Department at MTB Co obtained feedback from their distributors that there was a large demand for upgrading existing boilers and the search began for a modern cutting-edge boiler that would complement the CHMS offering.

Malcolm Stratford, Technical Advisor at MTB Co said: ”Our aim is to give the customer an improved central heating system and a more energy efficient system. The CHMS upgrades all aspects of an existing wet central heating system, including contemporary digital controls; it also changes the way radiators work by increasing the proportion of radiant heat rather than convection heat to increase the comfort factor for the customer. This allows the boiler to be set at a lower temperature and also ensures that the temperature of the returning water is always below the dew point, allowing the boiler the opportunity to condense all day, every day.  This makes the boiler work at its designed efficiency and will reduce the customer’s energy bill. We want to give the customer a wonderful deal and the opportunity to purchase the whole package from one place rather than having to shop around.”

The Magic Thermodynamic Company was recently exhibiting at Ecobuild at London’s ExCel, which proved a huge success. “Our stand was one of the busiest stands at the exhibition, people were interested in all of our products due to their uniqueness and direct customer benefits,” said MTB Co’s sales director Scott Styles. “We exhibited the Ferroli T-One boiler alongside our products and they drew considerable interest; we are looking forward to a very successful year as a result of our collaboration. We will be exhibiting at some of the biggest renewable energy shows in the world including Europe’s largest renewable energy show Intersolar in Germany on June 4th, where we will again be promoting the Ferroli T-One boiler.”

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