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2018 – Bring in the new

As innovators of heating appliance design for over 60 years, our aim at Ferroli has always been to remain at the forefront of research and development and produce increasingly energy efficient, high performance heating appliances for our customers.

Throughout 2017 we’ve been working on a range of new developments and we’re nearly ready to raise the curtain and reveal our news, so keep an eye on our website and social media for more information – and you’ll be the first to know.

The Modena boiler gets a medal from Gold BoilerCare

Aaron Drayton of Poole-based heating company Gold BoilerCare is yet another Gas Safe engineer who has switched his allegiance to the Ferroli Modena boiler from another boiler brand.

Unhappy with the continued price rises for the boiler he usually installed for customers, Aaron decided to try the Modena after meeting Ferroli Divisional Sales Manager AJ Kalirai at a merchant trade morning. He was so impressed by the boiler that he now recommends it to all his customers.

“There are so many great features that make the Modena the best choice for my customers,” said Aaron. “It’s easy to install, easy to use and comes at a great price. In fact it was the price that made me first decide to try it. The price is a massive selling point for a boiler of this quality with such a long warranty that I’m now selling them like hot cakes.

“I do a lot work for letting agent and landlords who need a reliable boiler but are mindful of costs, so the Modena is a perfect fit – affordable, reliable and energy efficient for their tenants.

“The performance is also very impressive – the lower kW model gives a higher flow rate than a higher kW model by another manufacturer because of the quality of the build.”

If you would like to meet a Ferroli ASM in your area, please get in touch for dates and venues of upcoming trade events. Like Aaron, you can come along to our Head Office in Burton-upon-Trent for a full and free training session on the Modena.


Reality check – what makes a boiler a best buy?

Choosing a new boiler can be a difficult decision for homeowners – every boiler manufacturer naturally claims that their boiler is the most reliable, highest quality, best value for money boiler on the market. So who do they believe when making this expensive purchase? Who can they trust to give them impartial advice?

The trouble is that it’s not only the boilers that need to be relied upon – it’s the source of the information and advice as well. Is that information current? Is it impartial? If you’re relying on what someone else tells you when making a big decision you need to cast your net a bit wider than just one source of information, however bona fide it claims to be.

So what does make a boiler a best buy and why do we think our Modena HE range of combi and system boilers fits this accolade? Crucially, can we prove it with hard facts and independent testimony? Yes we can.

Top of the list has got to be reliability and customer satisfaction. The reliability rate for our Modena boiler since it was launched in January 2012 has been enviable by any boiler manufacturer’s standards. This is backed up by a choice of warranties up to 10 years – no-one guarantees an unreliable boiler, that wouldn’t make good business sense.

The performance of the Modena is also superb with heating and hot water delivery that can rival many more powerful and expensive boilers. The experience of the Oxbridge Social Club in Stockton-on-Tees earlier this year is a good independent example of this claim.

Energy efficiency is also a key consideration when choosing a new boiler. The Modena is an A rated boiler with exceptional efficiency statistics. This delivers savings on fuel costs whilst saving energy usage – good for your wallet, good for the environment.

The Modena HE is also easy to use and so compact that it can be sited virtually anywhere in the property. It also has extensive flueing options, more than any other boiler we know of, which makes it even more versatile regarding positioning.

Crucially, do the experts – the installers – like it? Yes they do. Being very small and light with no sharp edges, it’s so easy to install; only four moving parts that are easily accessible makes it simple to service and the reliability and performance standards mean that customers are happy – good for business.

And finally – and there’s no better evidence of a best buy boiler than this – the European version of the Modena, the Bluehelix 25C, has topped two boiler surveys by consumer magazines in Italy and Spain. In January 2017 Italian magazine AltroConsumo awarded the Bluehelix its Best Boiler and Best Purchase accolades and Spanish magazine Compra Maestra named the Bluehelix as Best Boiler on the market in October 2016.

But does all this come at a high price? No, the Modena is an affordable boiler that represents superb value for money. The cost of a Modena does not include a big brand premium.

So what we’re trying to say is, don’t believe everything you read, do your own research and trust the person you know has your best interests at heart – yourself.

The Salvation Army’s boiler of choice is the Ferroli Modena HE

The Salvation Army in South Wales has put its faith in the Ferroli Modena HE boiler once again with a fifth install, this time at the South & Mid Wales Divisional Headquarters in Cardiff – and saved a considerable amount of money in the process.

The new 32c combi boiler installed by Jason Williams of Will Heat replaced an older Modena boiler model that Jason fitted for them 15 years ago, which had given them great service over this time but now needed upgrading.

“This is a perfect example of how charities like the Salvation Army can save a lot of money on something as unavoidable as a boiler upgrade,” said Jason. “A well known gas supplier had quoted them £4,500 for a new condensing boiler but by continuing with the Ferroli brand they were able to bring the job in for a third of the cost – and that included a 7 year warranty.”

Jason has already installed two Modena combi boilers in the Salvation Army’s Cwmbran quarters and the South Wales division commander’s home quarters.

“The Salvation Army has put their trust in the Ferroli brand because of the performance, reliability, energy efficiency and value for money of their boilers,” said Jason. “There’s no need to pay over the odds for a big brand name when you can get a best buy boiler like the Modena.”


Free warranty upgrade offer extended until 31st December– only via Installersmate

Christmas has come early here at Ferroli and we’re giving you something that will last a lot longer than most gifts you’ll be receiving this year.

Our very popular FREE warranty upgrade offer for the Modena and i Boiler has been extended until 31st December, so that means an extra two or three years warranty for your customers, absolutely free!

A long warranty on a boiler is a key selling point so if you’re recommending a boiler with an extended warranty at no extra cost, everyone wins.

The offer applies to the Modena HE range, which upgrades from 5 years to 7 years, and the i Boiler range which upgrades from 2 years to 5 years.

To take advantage of this valuable upgrade you don’t have to do anything except register the boiler installation via Installersmate – that’s all there is to it. Eggnog anyone?

Why being an Installersmate member keeps your customers safe

Once you’ve installed a boiler for a customer you should have established a relationship with them that lasts either as long as they live in that property or until you finally hang up your toolbox and retire. Why? Because you’ll be visiting them every year to carry out an annual boiler service.

Two things we know to be true are one, an annual boiler service is crucial to gas safety and boiler performance, and two, it’s not something that’s generally at the top of the customer’s list for sorting out. However, an annual service is essential for keeping the warranty valid and will ensure that the boiler won’t let them down.

So how do you make sure that one, you don’t forget, and two, they know that time has rolled round again? You register with Installersmate and we tell you both at the same time. Simple but ingenious.

Six weeks before the anniversary of the installation date of the boiler you will receive an email reminder from Installersmate reminding you to contact the customer to arrange a date for the service. If you’ve entered their email address as well, they will also receive a reminder, so they will be expecting you to get in touch. This also means that they remain your customer, which is good for building your business.

Plus there’s lots of other great benefits to joining Installersmate such as free warranty upgrades, free Gas Safe Notifications and regular competitions and prize draws. Joining only takes a few minutes so why not do it now? www.installersmate.co.uk

A day on the green with Coventry Plumbing

Horse racing may be the sport of kings but it’s golf that installers are rather partial to so we were delighted to be invited by Coventry Plumbing & Heating Supplies recently to add our support to a day of friendly competition at Branston Golf & Country Club here in Burton-upon-Trent by way of providing sponsorship and prizes.

Merchant CPHS, which sells our fabulous Modena HE boiler, invited some of their loyal customers to enjoy a day out in the sunshine with the promise of some great prizes to the winners of each hole.

Ferroli sponsored two holes, the 10th Hole for Nearest the Pin, which was won by Robert Lawton of Lawton Tube, and the 16th Hole for Longest Drive, which was won by Ant Devane of Phoenix Gas Ltd – congrats to you both gents.
Ferroli’s DSM for the Midlands & South region Kevin John was there to present the prizes, seen here with Robert Lawton of Lawton Tube.

Ferroli boilers make significant energy saving costs for Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council has been able to make significant energy saving costs of nearly £30,000 per annum as well as permanently reduce the energy demands of the council’s Civic Centre building following the replacement of the aged boiler plant with three Ferroli Prextherm RHS Tonda 1400kW steel shell boilers.

With the pressure on local authorities to reduce costs by improving energy efficiencies across all departments, increasing energy efficiency within their own buildings demonstrates forward thinking.

In terms of energy savings, adjusted for degree days, the council has made an average gas saving of 30%. Comparing 2015/16 to 2012/13 before the project was completed, the weather corrected saving is 1,297,544kWh, equating to a cost saving of £29,200 which puts the council on course for recouping the cost of the project within seven years.

The old 2MW medium temperature steel boilers were installed during the construction of the Civic Centre building in the early 1970s and had come to the end of their life. Of the three original boilers only two were still operating but were corroded with the burners in poor condition and energy efficiency levels well below today’s expected standards.

Portsmouth City Council’s mechanical engineering team, which manages all engineering projects entirely in-house, invited Ferroli to quote, along with other suppliers, to replace the system. After comparing the merits of each of the tenders based on quality and price they found a considerable difference in favour of Ferroli and so Ferroli was chosen for the project.

Boiler retrofit projects always come with challenges but with this project those challenges turned into valuable opportunities to make even more energy savings than had been envisaged.

Changing the valves presented a new challenge because moving away from the original specification would take the boilers out of scope and therefore invalidate the specialist insurance requirements; however, Ferroli’s engineering design team, working in conjunction with the council’s design team, made modifications to the boilers to bring them back into scope with the result that the project was soon back on course, avoiding costly delays.

To rectify the problem it was necessary to carry out a heat loss calculation of the whole building. This gave the council team the opportunity to take a fresh look at the whole building management system. By identifying the areas where waste and inefficiencies were occurring they were able to change the dynamic of the building, thereby reducing head pressure and at the same time make considerable energy savings.

The logistics of removing the old boilers and installing the new Ferroli boilers through the building basement was always going to be challenging. It was important to keep disruption to the vicinity to an absolute minimum, and fortunately close co-ordination between the installation contractors Corrigenda Group, maintenance engineers Churches and Ferroli meant that the process went smoothly, with the result that the boilers were installed without difficulty.

Modernising heating systems within a building of this age was always going to be a challenge for the council’s engineering and energy teams, but the direct working relationship with boiler manufacturer Ferroli meant that all questions and issues were swiftly resolved and the timescale of the project was kept to a minimum.

Box clever boiler hire

The process of commercial boiler repair or replacement is no longer the logistical headache that many organisations and institutions have had to grapple with in the past thanks to the development of easy and efficient containerised boiler hire.

The compact containerised solutions provided by All Seasons Hire, part of HSS Hire Group, allow for work to be carried out at any time of the year rather than have to be crammed into the warmer months or school holidays with the hope that no unexpected delays cause the work to overrun.

Now using only Ferroli Prextherm RSW steel shell pressurised boilers for this service, All Seasons Hire’s Northern Sales Director Mark Crabtree explains how these versatile containers can be adapted to cater for a range of demands from all sizes of buildings.

“Maximising resources is always a client’s priority so the small footprint of our 6ft or 10ft containerised boilers really appeals because it limits the loss of car park space and disruption of access to the building; plus being extremely robust and secure, the equipment inside is protected from the elements and any likelihood of vandalism.

“Outputs per boiler range from 100kW to 600kW and for larger demands two boilers can be used side by side to provide 1.2MW in a 20ft container. A 100kW in a 6ft container boiler will be suitable for a primary school for example, with larger outputs in a 10ft container used for buildings such as prisons, supermarkets and warehouses. The boilers can be used to provide heat only and if hot water is also required an external plate pack can be added to deliver fresh, clean water for washrooms, showers etc. We can also provide slim custom-built containers for jobs which have limited access, such as a nursing home where the container has to go through a side gate to the rear of the property.

Because Prextherm boilers are dual fuel they can be installed to run on either gas or oil and because each boiler has its own flue system, two 600kW boilers can be used together to deliver 1.2MW and run on dual fuel if desired. One boiler can be used on its own with the other on standby or both can run at the same time, so the capability to work at full capacity is always there but there’s no need to waste resources when demand is low. Boilers are operated with a timer and once they reach temperature will switch themselves off.

“Before specifying a container we will visit the site to assess the demand and specify the output needed,” Mark said. “Some clients just want the boiler delivered and are happy to manage all other aspects of how it integrates with their system but if wanted, we will look at the system and resolve any issues to make sure the boiler works as it should and mimic the client’s existing system.

“Crucially, all processes are documented and supplied to the client before work starts to eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings that might prevent the boiler from being correctly installed.”

Once delivered to the site the process of getting it up and running is very quick. The container ideally should be located no more than 25 metres from the customer’s system, although an extra pump can be added if the customer’s system is further away. If operating on oil, once the flow and return are connected to the boiler and fuel tank, it’s ready to start operating. If the boiler is going to be running on gas, All Seasons Hire can arrange for a Gas Safe engineer to connect to the client’s gas supply or the client can arrange this themselves.

The service includes full monitoring of boiler activity, either by a telemetry system for complete reporting and management or just a fuel probe in the tank for fuel management, using a web portal. This information includes an oil level indicator, temperature checks, operating status and fault diagnosis. This allows All Seasons Hire to advise on fuel levels and prevent unnecessary call-outs to fix a boiler that is not working simply because the fuel has run out.

Ninety per cent of All Seasons Hire’s container fleet are now fitted with Ferroli Prextherm RSW boilers. “We looked very closely at the boiler market before choosing the Prextherm,” said Mark. “Two key factors that influenced our decision were price and availability; these boilers are superb quality and design but are affordably priced and crucially, they are available for immediate delivery, which is what we need to be able to respond to steady and growing demand.

“Weight and size were also critical factors. The Prextherm is light so we can easily move around a 10ft container with a forklift truck and the small size allows for maximum output with a minimal footprint. They are also very durable and are not at risk of being damaged in transit as a cast iron boiler would.

“Dealing directly with the manufacturers of the equipment used in our containers rather than using distributors means we can get the specification right first time and resolve any problems swiftly,” said Mark. “Working directly with Ferroli means we can get immediate, hands-on technical advice rather than wait weeks for a distributor to sort out. We’ve been using Prextherms for seven years now and have no failures, which is testament to the quality of both the boiler and the support Ferroli provides.”

Ian Burns from Ferroli’s commercial sales team who works closely with All Seasons Hire, explained: “The market is moving away from steel shell boilers to condensing but a steel boiler is the correct appliance for this use. Not only are Prextherms extremely energy efficient, they also last a lifetime.”


So who scooped the scooter? It’s Dean Turner!

Congratulations to Installersmate member Dean Turner on winning the fabulous AJS Modena Scooter in our prize draw.

Dean received his prize from Ferroli’s Martin Youd along with Keith Sanders, branch manager of the Barrow branch of Express Plumbing Supplies where Dean is a regular customer for Ferroli Modena HE boilers.

Dean, who runs his own company Dean Turner Plumbing & Heating in Millom, Cumbria, admits to being a bit of a petrol head and is looking forward to getting out in the spring sunshine to try out his new toy.

He’s also a big fan of the Modena boiler which, after 52 installed over the past two years, has become his boiler of choice for his customers. “Being so small means it’s perfect for retro fits and it’s really reliable because it has no diverter vale or plate heat exchanger,” said Dean. “It’s a really good all round boiler for the price and I’ll be continuing to rely on it to give my customers good value for money and peace of mind.”

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