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Reality check – what makes a boiler a best buy?

Choosing a new boiler can be a difficult decision for homeowners – every boiler manufacturer naturally claims that their boiler is the most reliable, highest quality, best value for money boiler on the market. So who do they believe when making this expensive purchase? Who can they trust to give them impartial advice?

The trouble is that it’s not only the boilers that need to be relied upon – it’s the source of the information and advice as well. Is that information current? Is it impartial? If you’re relying on what someone else tells you when making a big decision you need to cast your net a bit wider than just one source of information, however bona fide it claims to be.

So what does make a boiler a best buy and why do we think our Modena HE range of combi and system boilers fits this accolade? Crucially, can we prove it with hard facts and independent testimony? Yes we can.

Top of the list has got to be reliability and customer satisfaction. The reliability rate for our Modena boiler since it was launched in January 2012 has been enviable by any boiler manufacturer’s standards. This is backed up by a choice of warranties up to 10 years – no-one guarantees an unreliable boiler, that wouldn’t make good business sense.

The performance of the Modena is also superb with heating and hot water delivery that can rival many more powerful and expensive boilers. The experience of the Oxbridge Social Club in Stockton-on-Tees earlier this year is a good independent example of this claim.

Energy efficiency is also a key consideration when choosing a new boiler. The Modena is an A rated boiler with exceptional efficiency statistics. This delivers savings on fuel costs whilst saving energy usage – good for your wallet, good for the environment.

The Modena HE is also easy to use and so compact that it can be sited virtually anywhere in the property. It also has extensive flueing options, more than any other boiler we know of, which makes it even more versatile regarding positioning.

Crucially, do the experts – the installers – like it? Yes they do. Being very small and light with no sharp edges, it’s so easy to install; only four moving parts that are easily accessible makes it simple to service and the reliability and performance standards mean that customers are happy – good for business.

And finally – and there’s no better evidence of a best buy boiler than this – the European version of the Modena, the Bluehelix 25C, has topped two boiler surveys by consumer magazines in Italy and Spain. In January 2017 Italian magazine AltroConsumo awarded the Bluehelix its Best Boiler and Best Purchase accolades and Spanish magazine Compra Maestra named the Bluehelix as Best Boiler on the market in October 2016.

But does all this come at a high price? No, the Modena is an affordable boiler that represents superb value for money. The cost of a Modena does not include a big brand premium.

So what we’re trying to say is, don’t believe everything you read, do your own research and trust the person you know has your best interests at heart – yourself.

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